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Road Paving

The bitumen modifying is a technique widely used in road paving and consists in adding an additive, the polymers being the most widely used, offering the bitumen/bituminous mixture improved rheological and mechanical characteristics, such as greater cohesion, better elasticity, greater water resistance, reduced thermal susceptibility, and others. 

Polymers are classified according to their structure and properties. It is possible to divide them into three groups: thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers.

Thermoplastics are polymers which deform easily when subjected to the heating action. By cooling they can mould themselves, preserving most of its intrinsic properties. Examples include EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Copolymer), PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), among others.

The thermosetting materials are polymers that in their manufacturing process become a stable solid that cannot be longer soften, and therefore cannot be reprocessed. The resins are part of this group of polymers.

The elastomers or rubbers are polymers that have elastic properties, which after vulcanization obtain a partially cross-linked structure. They bear large deformations before rupture, thus having excellent elastic properties. All types of rubber are included in this category.

SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) is used for modifying bitumen and it is a thermoplastic rubber, combining the characteristics of natural rubber and the thermoplastic characteristics.

There is also one type of elastomer which has thermoplastic properties. vacheron constantin replica Despite being a conventional polymer, the process of vulcanization is not required. The copolymer SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) is included within this group.




Thermoplastic elastomer Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene 

 Technical Data Sheet SBS  


Thermoplastic rubber Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene 

 Technical Data SBR


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  • Synthetic Binders
  • Phosphates
  • Colorful Synthetic Slurry


  • Specialized distribution of chemicals for the paint industry


30 Jun 2016

VIACHEM and SINO-LINCHEM GROUP formalized their partnership by the signature of a exclusivity...

04 Jun 2012

Viachem sponsors the 5th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress in Istanbul Visit us at...

The right products for the best results
Working together to meet your needs
That’s what we do


VIACHEM wants to assert itself in the leadership of the specialized distribution of chemicals with a wide portfolio of products ranging from raw materials, additives to other chemicals specifically intended for the supply to the petrochemical, paint, road and urban paving industries, as well as specific chemicals for multiple industrial applications. 

With transnational talent and a Working Together spirit we create sustainable partnerships to provide innovative solutions. We rely on skilled capacity to procurement and sourcing in the universe of the most competitive international markets where we operate, either by participating directly in the execution of projects, either in the implementation of new constructive solutions.

KOLORTECH is our technological partner specialized in solutions and products directed to the paint industry with a wide range including powder pigments, mass tones for tinting systems and in plant use, and additives for the production of paints.

Working together. That’s what we do.


VIACHEM was created out of a compelling desire of a multidisciplinary team with cross-sectional expertise within the sectors of paving, chemical industry, paints and petrochemical industry.

The team has been increasing in number and qualified collaborators with skills in procurement, sourcing, quality, product development and internationalization have joined the team.

We believe and count on our skills complementing each other and making us unique. 


The right products for the best results.
Working together to meet your needs.


In addition to supplying a wide range of products, VIACHEM provides a series of services that include the transmission of knowledge based on specialized training and technical support.

With the support of Kolortech and our represented undertakings we are able to provide products and know-how tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Viachem is a company certified by NP EN ISO 9001:2008 since late 2011. We take quality very seriously as we believe it is as a differentiation point, an added value and an effective way to meet our customers’ requirements. We believe that quality is a natural part of the DNA of our products and services, but still, we are keen to control it together with our suppliers, employees and partners we represent.

Confidence is a non-negotiable precious value for us.




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